• Be Mine-An Early Valentine

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    Week of February 7, 2021


    Be Mine — An Early Valentine

    Once upon a time, many young romances (fourth grade) began with a cheap and unostentatious gift. You probably remember those little bags of candy hearts, inscribed with a brevity that even Elizabeth Browning would admire—endearments such as XOXO, Be True, Hug Me, Dream Big, Be Mine, and if you were really serious and not afraid of parental retributions or mass class snickers, Kiss Me.

    For one would-be sweetheart, the candies lost their charm when he accidentally gave a Hug Me to the class hard heart (and fist), Bruiser Beaderbammer. He complied with the Hug Me request. Nearly broke several ribs and left his name’s trademark behind.

    If Jesus celebrated Valentine’s Day with those little candies, He would probably hand out piles of Be Mine—not that He would run short of the others. Long before Cupid made greeting card companies greedily grin and jewelry clerks drool, Jesus said this to His beloved believers: You belong to Christ, and Christ belongs to God (1 Cor. 3:23). And the message wasn’t new. Hundreds of years prior to His claim on believers, He made this bold statement: But now the Lord Who made you, O Jacob, and He Who made you, O Israel, says, “Do not be afraid. For I have bought you and made you free. I have called you by name. You are Mine! (Is. 43:1).

    Many a misled or confused believer fails to understand Jesus’ Be Mine invitation. Jesus is the one who gives the message. It’s all His doing. It doesn’t come because a person drops a few XOXOs in the offering plate or their good deeds are legendary.

    He loves you. And He did it first! His Be Mine prompts you to return a Real Love and a BFF. But unlike His Be Mine, you’ll have a hard time sustaining your spiritual passion. Satan constantly provides plenty of motivation and means to break Jesus’ heart. Yet His forgiveness never ebbs. His love and mercy truly are Forever.

    Your heart is on His sleeve.


    Music matters: Some ear candy

    Mindful matters: How does He love you? Count the ways. (P.S. You’re even better off than Browning’s BFF.) Happy Valentine’s Day. You are His.


    Written by Edward Grube, LL.D.
    Director of Communications
    Copyright ©2021 Lutheran Education Association


    Quoted Scripture: NLV®

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