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    2008–2009 series: Red-Letter Days

    October 14, 2008


    Extended Reading: Philippians 4:4–13


    Educators’ Motto


    “Practice what you’ve learned and received from me, what you heard and saw me do. Then the God who gives this peace will be with you … I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:9, 13 GW).



    Foreword: Don’t miss the opportunity for extended reading as linked above. Check out the nuances in the English Standard Version, The Message, and the New Living Translation too. (The remainder of the devotion will be short to accommodate time spent above and needed for reflection below. You might want to spread this devotion over several days.)


    Lutheran educators and educational programs might want to consider a motto. Here are some sample mottos from …

    • Leviticus Lutheran High School: The right place to take your boils and mildew
    • Samantha Snark’s Sixth Grade: Winning the race to 3:00 p.m.
    • St. Fracas Lutheran Church: The place for lively adiaphora


    Okay, okay, so maybe this deserves a more serious attitude. Maybe? No. Definitely.


    Paul’s missive to the Philippians—and us—easily transforms into a motto for Lutheran educators. Yes, it’s a bit long for a motto, but could anything be better for those who dedicate their days, years, and lives to teaching the faith?


    Spend some time reflecting and perhaps sharing reflections on these questions:

    • Who has been instrumental in what you have learned about teaching (and practicing) the faith (verse 9)? Thank God publicly now for these people!
    • To whom should you be especially considerate (verse 5) right now? (Pray privately for strength.)
    • Has anyone shown special interest (verse 10) in you? Have you made needs known to those you serve, so they can pray for you?
    • For what everythings (verse 13) do you need strength?
    • How has everything you absolutely need already been done for you?




    Written by Edward Grube, LL.D.

    Director of Publications & Communications

    © 2008 Lutheran Education Association



    GOD’S WORD is a copyrighted work of God’s Word to the Nations. Copyright 1995 by God’s Word to the Nations. All rights reserved.
    Used by permission.


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