• Know Anyone Down There?

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    Mindful Matters series 2021

    Week of July 25, 2021

    Know Anyone Down There?


    The Southwest jet tilted gracefully over Lake Michigan to line up with Midway Airport’s runway 22L. I gazed intently out the window, watching the progression of familiar streets and neighborhoods passing beneath me. Kedzie, Pulaski, Archer, finally Cicero. A gentle bump announced our arrival, and I turned from the window only to find the guy in the next seat staring at me. “See anybody you know down there?”

    Smart aleck. The Chicago southside in me wanted to say, “Yeah. I saw my cousin Carole waiting for the Archer Avenue bus. She waved at me.” But I stifled the temptation and explained that I had grown up down there and was excited to see all the landmarks.

    I’m not the only one excited to look out the windows during flight. Jeff Bezoz and passengers on the recent space flight peered down at Earth. Bezoz later remarked about what a tiny pinpoint Earth was when viewed in the context of vast space.


    David had the same perspective—from the bottom up and without the expense of space or air travel. “I look at the heavens, which you made with your hands, I see the moon and the stars, which you created. But why is man important to you? Why do you take care of human beings?” (Ps 8:3–4).

    You know the answer. God loved you so much that He made you in His image, and continues to sustain you. He loved you so much that He sent Jesus to take away your sins.

    And God is watching. Watching intently. Identifying all of His creation. If you asked, “See anybody you know down there?” He would say, “Yes, I see all my children, living in all the places I created. I see your school and church and all the young believers that you are training. I see them waving at me (They call it praying.) Tell them that I’m waving back.”

    Of course, God also sees the “other side.” He sees the vast, noisy numbers of those who don’t respect His creation—past or present. Many don’t believe that He created this tiny speck in the majestic universe. Some don’t like how He did the job and take their beliefs into their own hands. Still others outrightly defy Him.

    But not you.

    You, a tiny speck of life on a tiny planet, teach His word. God bless you as you do God’s work.

    Take break once in a while, go outside, and give God a wave. He will see you. And He will wave back even if you’re beyond the boundaries of human sight.


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    Written by Edward Grube, LL.D.
    Director of Communications
    Copyright ©2021 Lutheran Education Association

    Quoted Scripture ICB®

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