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    Word’s Worth series 2022–2023

    Week of November 27, 2022   [Advent 1]

    Know Time

    Besides this, since you know the time, it is already the hour for you to wake up from sleep, because now our salvation is nearer than when we first believed. The night is nearly over, and the day is near; so let us discard the deeds of darkness and put on the armor of  light—Rom. 13:11–12.

    Know Time involves no time. It’s knowing how late it is in your life and committing to say “no” to deeds of darkness. After all, you’re living in Advent—and it involves more than buying one of those calendars with all the little doors or windows for the daily reveal.

    The first Advent calendar goes back to 1902 and Germany. The calendar themes have evolved over the years. Some now employ a secular countdown to the Happy Holidays. But the present Advent—the genuine thing— holds the same spiritual travel Adventures that originated with Bishop Perpetuus of Tours in the fifth century. It’s just closer to the Adventure that occupies time until Jesus actually does come again. (Wouldn’t it be cool if He really came again when you popped open the final door!)

    Of course, with Advent alive for many seasons, even before it was given a liturgical name, the problem is that it’s losing immediacy. (Duh.) It wears down and exists in danger of obsolescence. (Just compare attendance at the Wednesday night Advent services that seemed to be a regular regimen 30 years or so ago.)

    Advent’s sunny side was what I most remember. Advent was often just a countdown to Christmas—vacation time, family, feasts, and presents. We didn’t talk much about end times or about Jesus’ return to end the world. Too bad. Ending the world as we know it involves the part of today’s text where Paul urges, “… so let us discard the deeds of darkness and put on the armor off light” (v. 12).

    Advent is about staying awake so that Jesus doesn’t find us spiritually unresponsive. It involves putting on “the armor of light,” to be eager and ready for His coming—along with the destruction of all that is evil. Advent is a time of preparation for that great event. And it’s more than the 22–28 days normally allotted on Advent calendars. It’s all of life

    Are you awake? Are you ready? Have you stocked up on milk and bread? Have you repented your sin, and can you confess Jesus as your one and only Savior? Forget the bread and milk. You’re ready. Preserved for eternity by none other than Jesus Christ! Have a great Advent. And stay awake!

    Sing together: Wake up!

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    Written by Edward Grube, LL.D.
    Director of Communications
    Copyright ©2022 Lutheran Education Association

    Quoted Scripture: Christian Standard Bible (CSB)

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