• Review, Reflect, Resolve


    Chuhran: Teaching as Vocation: Answering the Call

    • Can you identify any young persons who may possess the gifts of a teacher? How can you encourage them to determine God’s will for their future vocation?
    • How can congregations or districts provide (or increase) financial assistance for future church workers?
    • How could we better support Lutheran teachers, especially those who are new to the ministry, with managing their financial resources? Could we provide financial coaching or other support systems?


    Alles, Juergensen, Paape, Pingel: Grapes, Giants, and God:
    Mentoring First-Year Teachers with the Joshua-Caleb Project

    • Who mentored you in the past? Whom are you mentoring now?
    • What other “giants” do new teachers need to address with the help of veteran teachers?
    • What other programs for new teachers are used in your school?


    Meulendyke: Health and Hope

    • How have you seen God working in your school through the events of the last year?
    • What responsibilities do you personally feel are due to the events of the last year?
    • What responsibilities fall on Lutheran schools in educating families that are new to Christian education?
    • How would you rate your school’s strength in each of the following areas— academic excellence; relationally driven; Christ-centeredness?


    Wrege, Brockberg, Clark: The Religion Standards in our LCMS Schools and Why They Matter

    • How would a unified religion curriculum benefit you?
    • What and who might make implementing such standards difficult? Why?
    • How might a unified curriculum benefit students and their families?


    ECEnet: Sharing and Building a Christian Worldview

    • How do we influence the worldview of families not of like mind?
    • What is a worldview and how does culture influence a Christian worldview?
    • How do we serve those God has provided, in a purposeful manner?


    EncourAGEnet: Remembering the Past: Reflections on Differences Experienced in Lutheran and Public Schools

    • How might you account for the similarities between teaching many years ago and today?
    • How would you compare the differences between Lutheran and public schools then and today?
    • Why do you think we rarely refer to Lutheran schools as parochial schools today?


    ETnet: Integrating the Faith into Our Character Education

    • What can happen when character education and social emotional learning are not Scripture centered?
    • How would you adapt if you were prohibited from teaching from Christ-centered character education?
    • What curricular improvements in character education does your school need to make?


    LDnet: Increasing Student Engagement with Opportunities to Respond

    • Which of the strategies are you most eager to try?
    • With which subjects might they best work? Which not so much?
    • Which students might present the most difficult challenge in using these strategies?


    LEADnet: Live and Learn

    • What boundaries have you set to help prioritize your personal time?
    • What are the ways you stay connected with others in education?
    • Who is someone that you can reach out to and encourage in their calling?


    MIDnet: Faith Comes Through Hearing

    • What are you already doing, and what more could you do to jumpstart conversations of faith in your classroom?
    • Where are my students in their faith lives, and what can you do to help them grow?
    • What experiences have you had in your faith that you can share with your students?


    PEN: Start Planning VBS Now!

    • Why do you want to continue VBS even under limited and difficult circumstances?
    • List the names of volunteers you hope to ask for help.
    • What special safety precautions will you need to practice?


    SECnet: Music in Every High School Classroom

    • Whose help will you need to secure prior to implementing the process described?
    • In which subject areas might this work best?
    • What obstacles will you need to overcome and how will you overcome them to make this work?



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