• Letter from the Editor: What's New?

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    What’s New?

    If I talked to magazines (which I do sometimes if nobody is watching), I would tell Shaping the Future, “You’ve come a long way. What’s next?”

    Right now, the “what’s next” is a new format for the magazine. It has moved through phases of paper quality, printing companies, mail houses, online delivery systems, artists, editors, and I’ve lost track of what else over 20 or more years. Several things haven’t changed.

    Shaping the Future bannerShaping the Future’s short parade of production staff includes very few people for the complexity of the finished pieces. Every one of them has been a pleasure to work with—and good at their tasks. Next are the writers. Most every one of them comes from the front lines of their respective ministries. Our publication philosophy is that you don’t have to be a professional writer, but you do have to know what you’re talking about. Their parade would be a long one. And a fine one, one to which LEA is grateful and committed.

    With this issue, Shaping the Future moves to a new style on-line design. The new style fits well with the recent website redesign and the addition of features like improved navigation, search feature,  LEAconnects, and LEAven—the new blog. All the labor and expense in these changes are worth it because they serve you better. Thank you LEA members and supporters.

    And thank You, God. All of us really do work for the Best.

    Enjoy this season’s new look. May it serve you well.

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