• From the Executive Director: Spring Forward

  • From the Executive Director

    Spring Forward

    I have the same conflicted feeling every spring when I get to the weekend when the time changes. Recalling the phrase “spring forward, fall back,” which I learned as a child, to remind me every year that I need to move the clock ahead one hour, I dutifully reset the existing analog and digital clocks that do not change by themselves, and I become increasingly thankful for all of my devices that are smart enough to make the change automatically. I remember, however, that this also means losing an hour, thus presenting the dilemma of whether to go to bed earlier or simply lose one hour of sleep. My decision is different each year.

    I quickly get over the idea of loss and concentrate on the “spring forward” part of the phrase. Spring always reminds me of new beginnings. During this part of the year, the Church celebrates the Resurrection of our Lord. There is no better new beginning than that! The resurrection reminds us of the abundant blessings God has given His servants on Earth as “Easter people”—full of the hope and confidence that comes with Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice and victory over death. We can “spring forward” in our lives and ministries with joy and confidence.

    Lutheran Education Association has also embraced the idea of “springing forward” in major ways. The COVID pandemic caused us to freshly examine how we can best serve educators in Lutheran ministries and collaborate to meet their growing and changing needs. Our new direction last fall with the development of LEAconnects and the virtual exhibit hall have provided us with new ideas for resources, services, and events planned for the coming year. Our recent totally virtual Lutheran School Administrators Conference is a great example of how innovation and collaboration can result in an excellent, fresh approach to engagement and professional development.

    The newest “spring forward” initiatives are LEA’s new branding and completely renovated web site. Both of these follow extensive surveying, creative idea generation, and technical development. We designed the web site in particular with the future in mind. If you haven’t yet explored it, please link directly to www.lea.org. The new site is the hub of LEA’s communication, resources, and interaction. It functions as our connection with the world. The most unique special addition to our web site is LEAven, the new blog with the purpose of “rising to address educational topics.” Each weekly blog post will bring forward a new topic and allow for responses and interaction. We hope YOU will be one of those who adds your ideas and comments!

    I pray that your spring is one of forward thinking, new hope, and renewed joy in ministry as we take comfort in the Easter assurance: He is risen, He is risen indeed!

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