• ECE: Rejoice in the wonder of God’s creation

  • What about Life?

    Rejoice in the wonder
    of God’s creation

    Young children know, inherently, that babies are valuable. They rejoice in new births and often want to see and hold the baby. This is a natural age to teach the truth that all life is precious from the very beginning. Each life is unique and irreplaceable. Consider showing young students pictures of babies growing inside their mother. Help them rejoice in the wonder of God’s creation by sharing facts about a child’s development.

    • What other unique aspects, besides fingerprints, can students observe?
    • How could a class follow the development of a child before it’s even born? Is there a way to celebrate the growth and arrival of a new sibling?

    Consider mentioning the fact that a baby’s fingerprints are formed by 17 weeks; then rejoice in each student’s uniqueness through fingerprint art! Use fingerprints to create petals for flowers or wings for butterflies. Enlarge fingerprint images and use them as pictures on the front of homemade Mother’s Day or Father’s Day cards.

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