• Letter from the Executive Director: Together Matters

  • From the Executive Director

    Together Matters

    No one needs to be reminded after the last couple years about the value of being together. It hits us hardest when conditions prevent us from meeting in the same room, gathering at a conference, socializing in person, and assembling in a classroom on a daily basis. The challenges of the pandemic years have caused us to deeply appreciate why God originally placed man and woman together in the same space. It is, indeed, not good to be alone all the time!

    We have been blessed abundantly in Lutheran education with many opportunities to share time with others. I admit that up until the pandemic years, I may have taken much of that time for granted. It was so common in my 45 years of ministry to gather at events, assemble at meetings, walk to the next office or classroom, and sit in a pew where I was always in close proximity to other people. Picking up a conversation was easy, because someone was always there. I could read a person’s facial expressions, observe their body language, and enjoy their laughter without having to “zoom in,” turn up the audio, or remove a mask. It was easy to communicate and enjoy the benefits of interaction.

    Now that most people are in settings that allow for public proximity and schools are set up for responsible and safe distancing, we can once again benefit from being together. I have seen many examples around the country of creative and innovative means by which students and teachers can interact while remaining in “safe zones.” Interaction on the playground, athletic competition, social time in cafeterias and hallways, and staff meetings have come back to life. We can once again appreciate the blessings of togetherness.

    The development of the LEA Convocation theme Together was intentional. Even during the early months of the pandemic, we anticipated that coming together would be significant regardless of the conditions more than two years later. We are now at that point and it is, indeed, more important than ever to find means by which we can meet face-to-face.

    We invite You to be with us in Milwaukee where we anticipate more than 2,500 Lutheran educators from across the country gathering for one big joyous togetherfest at the LEA Convocation. If it doesn’t work for you, please seek other opportunities to join your colleagues and friends in person. I pray that your interaction will be blessed and that we can continue to safely gather Together in Christ.

    Many blessings on your significant and appreciated ministry!

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