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    TOGETHER series 2021–2022

    Week of December 26, 2021



    Together in the Neighborhood


    “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood” sang Mr. Rogers, but we can give his song a righteous spiritual twist with John 1:


    The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood. (John 1:14 MSG).


    A family gathered together in spirit if not in person (with any Grinches silenced for the day), brightly wrapped packages, a lovingly cooked meal, strategically placed mistletoe, a flood of memories, a radio station about to pack away its incessant holly jollies and Rudolphs for another 10 months, and a sleighload of goodwill are symbolic of what Christmas is all about.


    Think about the impact of God coming to us as a human—flesh and blood, yawns and coos, smiles and tears. John didn’t miss the spiritual and theological impact of the first Christmas, when brightly shining stars were more than a song. God “moved into the neighborhood.” He hasn’t left.


    Sadly, many people will pack Him away in attics and basements in another week or so. Church attendance will drop and peace and goodwill toward neighbors—especially the annoying ones—will evaporate under the burden of the six-o’clock news. Sin will cast its gloom, destruction, and blanket of faux comfort across the Earth. Holy nights and silent nights will decay under skepticism—and even scholarship.


    See. Already the LEA devotion has dimmed.

    Ah, but hope never leaves the neighborhood. Jesus didn’t move away. He lives and enlarges the neighborhood. And He has appointed you, dear educators, not to be elves but to be teachers of the Truth. Not to work in isolation but together among the many others like you.


    Go on now. Keep your decorations up. Another epiphany approaches. Enjoy God.



    Sing together: Welcome to the neighborhood.

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    Written by Edward Grube, LL.D.
    Director of Communications
    Copyright ©2021 Lutheran Education Association

    Quoted Scripture: Christian Standard Bible (CSB)
    Quoted Scripture: MSG®

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